Hi— I’m Dan.

I’m a communications and marketing strategist who grew up in southeast Michigan. I have a Master of Art’s Degree in Communication from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Communication from the University of Michigan. I focused most of my studies on corporate communication, speech, interpersonal communication and research methodology.

Daniel Curren, WriterSince college, I’ve spent roughly 10 years of my professional career building out and executing communications and marketing plans. I’ve found that one end of the marcom spectrum relies on the informative/analytical/left-brain function, and the other on the persuasive/artistic/right-brain function. Working in marketing and communication allows me to dig deep into both, and if you look through my portfolio you’ll see a mixture of technical work, creative work and a great deal in between.

Beyond the press releases, marketing campaigns, speeches and presentations, I enjoy creating processes, building teams and making systems more efficient. Throughout my career, I’ve had a knack for producing a high volume of high-quality work, and I’d say that this is a result of creating effective structures and “working smarter, not harder.” In my experience, smart and efficient work — especially with repetitive tasks —  frees up time to dig into the fun and exploratory projects.

A marriage, two kids, a cat, a dog and a 1,300-mile cross-country relocation later, I wrapped up my master’s degree in 2015 and have been moonlighting as a communications professor ever since. I’m committed to being both a lifelong student and a lifelong teacher, and I’m excited to set the next stone on my path.