Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Inbound, Outbound & Social Media

While serving a brief stint as a copywriter at an advertising agency, I developed a unique, motivation-based profiling system that I’ve since leveraged to overhaul the marketing communications strategy for more than 50 products and services. Premise-problem-solution-differentiator, or PPSD, takes each product or service, gathers the market context, looks at the key problems faced by the target, presents a solution and highlights differentiating uniqueness. These building blocks have been leveraged to develop narrative content for projects as small as seven-word digital banners, to 5,000-word corporate brochures .

Inbound Marketing Whitepaper Series

In select pieces from this inbound marketing campaign, I leveraged a compensation planning whitepaper to attract HR professionals to a landing page whereupon they trade contact information for access to the report. This highly successful campaign relied upon social media channels, but also leveraged email and various OLM.

Compensation Software Outbound Series

Pieces from this outbound marketing series promote compensation planning software targeting HR professionals. Print and digital ads were features in HR-related trade publications, and the corresponding letter and buck slip were sent to purchased lists.

Wireless Service Re-marketing Materials

These materials come from what is essentially a B2B2C re-marketing program. The client has a re-marketing agreement with a wireless service provider. The client leverages this agreement to create a program whereupon its own clients (credit unions) can offer discounts to the public if they become members of their credit union.