Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Reports, Publications & Brochures

Identity materials include corporate publications, brochures, annual reports, product sheets, web copy and more. These pieces are tailored to each unique audience. While tone and tactics change, each presents the organization in a clear, concise and confident manner.

Booklets & Brochures

In addition to content writing, these pieces required extensive planning for progress, placement and overall flow of information.

Product Pages & Web Content

Content for this organization’s product pages and related web pages follow a narrative structure that I designed called “PPSD” (premise, problem, solution, differentiator). Each lays out a contextual issue for the market, specific barriers the  market faces, the product’s solution and the differentiator that makes the product unique.

This advertising agency positions itself as having the right answers to strategic questions in marketing and advertising. In terms of search, social and media advertising, this B2B series leads with direct questions that speak to key motivations.